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One day I was watching a TV segment on fugu, the poisonous Japanese puffer fish. Tasty, exotic, a little dangerous, plus I liked the alliteration. A sampler:

  • Fugu Bowl, a no-frills bowling game
  • Fugu Maze, a 3D suspenseful maze
  • Fugu Dance, ghouls, skeletons and zombies
  • Fugu Dim Sum, a dim sum assistant
  • HyperBowl, 3D bowling in fantasy worlds
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Web and desktop games


HyperBowl webplayer

  • Amazing Overall great game. So happy they made this app for mobile devices.

    Cloud Strife Google Play review of HyperBowl
  • Fun game!!!!!! This is such a fun game!!!!

    Lillie Grace West Google Play review of Fugu Maze Free
  • Sure, there are a lot of bowling games for the iPhone, but none of them match the legacy that HyperBowl has.

    Cory Bohon MacWorld's 100 Greatest iPhone Apps of 2009
  • Great bowling game! Excellent bowling game where you have more control of the ball than any other bowling game.

    Curtis Dorman Google Play review of HyperBowl Pro
  • HyperBowl definitely portrays a retro arcade feel that’s consistent with the original, and offers a uniquely different game-play that other traditional bowling apps simply do not offer.

  • an interesting diversion from typical bowling games on the iPhones

    Nine Over Ten
  • This exotic mixture of parkour and bowling offers everything a casual gamer needs.

    Lars Klein Unity Insider
  • HyperBowl is a 3D bowling app that reinvents the bowling game!

  • Great app

    Sharon Yanko Review of Unity News on Google Play
  • If you’re a fan of the original HyperBowl then there’s no doubt that you’ll love this portable version.

    Slide Gamer
  • The best Maze! I so far haven't found a better Maze out there yet!

    Youxia Lei Review of Fugu Maze Pro on Google Play
  • HyperBowl is one wild bowling experience

    Smartphone Review