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from Paul Gudg for Fugu Tilt
"Its simple and fun and FREE! I reccommend"
"Challenging. Really creates the feeling of being lost in a maze. Fugu Maze is an interesting and intense application for the iPhone."
"The Fugu Bowl is a great and unique arcade styled puzzle game for your iPhone and iPod touch."
"Sure, there are a lot of bowling games for the iPhone, but none of them match the legacy that HyperBowl has. The gameplay feels organic, with its beautiful outdoor themed bowling lanes."
"HyperBowl definitely portrays a retro arcade feel that’s consistent with the original, and offers a uniquely different game-play that other traditional bowling apps simply do not offer."
"HyperBowl is one wild bowling experience"
"Easy to play yet challenging. Great setting design."
"HyperBowl 5/5 for Entertainment and Value"
"If you’re a fan of the original HyperBowl then there’s no doubt that you’ll love this portable version."
"HyperBowl is a 3D bowling app that reinvents the bowling game!"
"an interesting diversion from typical bowling games on the iPhone"
"This exotic mixture of parkour and bowling offers everything a casual gamer needs."
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